Tov Sapphire

Tov sapphire is also called Royal Blue in Europe. They are sapphire with the velvet gene and show in the dark sapphire class.

2016 - Young Tov sapphire female showing her deep blue color. This beautiful girl took Champion Sapphire female at the WI 2016 show.

Baby Tov Sapphire Chinchillas in 2014(left) and 2015 (right).

2014 Young male at three months (left) and eight months (right).

2014 - Nine months old next to a regular sapphire.

2016 Tov Sapphire girls, pictured above in the baby picture together. One is veiling in faster than the other.

2016 - More pictures of the girls.

2016 - Tov Sapphire girls, you can see the differences in veiling from the back. They both share the same father pictured above, the veiling traits come from the mothers.