Homo Tan

The name Homozygous Tan can be misleading. Ebonies cannot exist in a true homozygous state but beige can. I call a tan that is homozygous for beige a Homo Tan. They have the pale translucent pink eyes of chins that are homo beige but can get darker fur depending on the amount of ebony showing.

2018 - 7 month old homo tan with a lot of ebony influence.

2018 - Nice light young homo tan. This is a different line of beige than used on the ones above and below, it makes a big difference in the hue.

2005 - Little dark homo tan baby and a belly shot so you can see he is the same color all the way around.

2004 -Another Homo tan baby, he is more of a creamy color.

2004 - Here he is at 4 months old.

2005 - you can see the ebony has causes this color to darken beyond that of a normal homo beige.

2000 - An adult female Homo Tan. I recently discovered she was also likely a fading white as she developed white rings around her ears, nose and tail as she aged.

2013 - Adult homo tan male on the left and a Tov Tan White male on the right.