Ebony White or Ebony Mosaic

Ebony white is the same thing as white ebony, it doesn't matter how you say it. Genetically they are a mosaic (standard x white) with ebony added. Most often a kit will be born darkly marked and fade to white as it ages though some are born pure white. I have lines that are born light and darken with age, they never stay the same color as they are born so if you want a particular pattern or color for breeding it is best to purchase an adult.

2021 - Baby Ebony White girl.

2017 - Baby Ebony White that was born pure black except on his tail and belly. Quite an odd little fellow!

2015 - Baby Ebony White showing lots of ebony influence.

2015 - Ebony White weanling also showing lots of ebony.

2014 - Baby Ebony White from behind showing random white spots.

2014 - Newborn Ebony White baby.

2014 - Half white half ebony, sometimes you get some neat patterns.

2013 - Baby with some neat little pure white dapple spots on his back.

Ebony White Baby Chinchilla
2012 - Another ebony white baby, a regular mosaic can have this same pattern the difference is this little guy is from an ebony crossed with an ebony white.

2009 - Nice Ebony white male

White Ebony Chinchilla
2010 - A lovely young girl starting to show ebony through the white.

Dark White Ebony chinchilla
Picture showing how ebony white should wrap onto the belly. This male only has this one white spot.

White Mosaic e/c chinchilla
2005 - This is an ebony white cross I bought from another breeder that looks like a regular mosaic.