Mosaic or White Mosaic Chinchillas

Mosaic is considered a broad term to cover any color on white but in the U.S. it is primarially used for grey and white. White was developed on several ranches, two of the more notable whites were the Wilson White and the Stone White. The stone white was always born with no eyes, and the Wilson white was a pure white animal with grey ears. Many different whites make up modern mosaics and patterns range from pure white to heavily spotted with dark brown eyes. For the most part patterns are completely random.

2017 - Cute little 6 week old baby mosaic.

When the fur is an even silvery color over the entire body they are considered a silver and will show in a dedicated silver class.

2004 - This female appears to be an average white Mosaic but genetically she is as an ebony/white cross.

2013 - A young mosaic baby.

2011 - Four month old mosaic girl that carries the ebony gene.