TOV Mosaic

This is the same as the Mosaic or Silver mosaic, but with the addition of the Black Velvet or Tov Gene. This means that this chin has standard, white(mosaic) and Black Velvet for its genetic makeup. They can be pure white or be heavily marked. If they are white or spotted they will show in the white class. If they are an even silver color they show in the silver class. Sometimes if they are too dark they show in the standard class. No matter what the name, a standard x white cross is the same genetically, even if they look different.

When the fur is an even silvery color over the entire body they are considered a silver and will show in a dedicated silver class.

Tov Silver Mosaic Chinchilla
2013 - Five month old Tov Silver Mosaic female.

Tov Mosaic Chinchilla
2013 - Five month old female from the side. I don't know if she would show in the silver or the white class.

2003 - Blizzard, a TOV silver mosaic male.